Gerald Mauroka Baker


Gerald Mauroka Baker, a Wake County native, born in Raleigh, North Carolina. I am the Democratic candidate for the Wake County Sheriff’s Office election in 2018. I attended Raleigh Public Schools, now known as the Wake County School System. I am a Bachelor of Science degree graduate of Saint Augustine’s University majoring in Organizational Management. Also, I am a graduate of the North Carolina State University’s Administrative Officer’s Management Program. I’ve received years of career-related training pertinent to the type of effective leadership needed in your Wake County Sheriff’s Office.


This election is about the future direction of this Office. It is about electing a true leader with nearly 28 years of Wake Sheriff’s Office experience that consists of assignments in each divisional area of the Office. It is about restoring its integrity, its values, and, restoring and maintaining its standards. This election is about electing a leader who is equally concerned and focused on fighting crime, as well as, crime prevention, organizational integrity and accountability, community outreach and involvement, and embracing diversity. It is about electing a leader who will be a Sheriff for all people. All these things must first be established internally which will eliminate the need to project and protect a false external image of success.

Your Wake County Sheriff’s Office is in immediate need of structure and restructuring. The structure will restore the loss of integrity and accountability this office currently compromises, and, is a direct result of the leadership currently present in your Sheriff’s Office. The restructuring will provide staffing necessary for units requiring additional staffing support such as Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance, Sex Offender Registry, and, establish and staff a functional Crime Prevention Unit. If there has ever been a time and need for an operative Wake County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Team, it is now. Your Sheriff’s Office must be active throughout the entire county with bold, new leadership focusing on protecting the lives and property of its citizens, program implementation aimed at deterring our young people away from lives of trouble and crime; seeking ideas and alternatives to the ICE 287g program. Leadership that seeks to fight for tougher gun control laws. A leader who stands against arming teachers with guns in our schools.

Persons employed within your entire Sheriff’s Office, sworn and unsworn, must be held accountable for their actions and performance when those actions and performance are less than Standard Operating Procedure and expectation. Complaints must be impartially examined fully. Disciplinary action(s) must be consistent regardless of race, nationality or gender, and will always be a direct result of the matter at hand. Your Sheriff must be equally and totally concerned about the Wake County Detention Center and its operations including its staff and its resident inmates, who regardless of custody reason(s), are still human beings.

What is clear is that we cannot allow politics and partiality to come before serving our communities and Wake County. I am better qualified and unequivocally prepared to be elected your Sheriff on November 6th, 2018! Together, and with the right dedicated, diverse and motivated personnel, we can work together to maintain and improve our quality of life. Create a well-managed Office that adds value to all our citizens and all our communities. I am honored to have served for you over the last 28 years, and now look forward, with your help, in leading your Sheriff’s Office into our and our children’s future!


  1. Develop and enforce policies and procedures with accountability and transparency. By creating a citizen advisory council composed of a diverse group of community, business, legal and non-traditional leaders who would review policies and procedures while encouraging the community to share the responsibility and accountability of how the Sheriff department addresses local issues and challenges.

  2. Reduce crime through the establishment of outreach opportunities. By establishing partnerships with local businesses and mentorship programs in an effort to create tangible and beneficial employment for current and formerly incarcerated citizens returning to the community.

  3. Collaborate and engage the community. By partnering with local educational institutions, internship programs and a diverse population of citizens who would assist in addressing historically negative perceptions of law enforcement. A Deputy Liaison officer will be made available to each township in the county in an effort to promote tangible relationships that will help identify and address community problems and concerns.